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| Where our beans are from |

Whilst we are always trying new beans from all over the world, our signature blends are ethically sourced from coffee farms in Uganda, Columbia, Ethiopia & Burundi.

44 . Caliber

Our freshly roasted House Blend 44. Caliber is specialty Ugandan, Colombian and Ethiopian beans giving a soft & rich flavours w/ mild acidity, full body and notes of salted caramel, nuts & toffee.

AK 47

A big tasty espresso with a long and smooth after taste of Colombia, Burundi and Sidamo. With dark fruits notes, chocolate and sweetness this coffee takes it very close to the edge of flavour and development.

BB Gun Decaf

This amazing Mexican blend has earthy notes of dark fruit , apple and chocolate . Has all the ammunition with out the fire power!

Roasted by our head Coffee Roaster Corey

Our head Coffee Roaster Corey knows everything about coffee. His passion and excitement when it comes to anything 'coffee' is just wonderful to watch. He has been in the industry for over 25 years. Starting off his roasting career in Melbourne, he soon worked his way around and into some of the best coffee roasters in Australia. Having started three of his own businesses in the industry, Corey knows this industry like the back of his hand and is forever up skilling and learning new things to ensure that the coffee that gets put on your table is one of the best you have ever had.

Hours of Operation

7 days a week
Coffee 5.30am-3.00pm
Breakfast & Lunch 6am-2.30pm
Sunday sessions 12pm-3pm

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